It's time to ditch Discord.

Discord is closed source and non-decentralized. Discord offers "servers" that aren't really servers. You can't run them and you don't control them. They can ban you and your users for any reason at any time.

IRC is completely free to use. Did you know Discord makes you pay for things like "upgraded emojis?"

IRC is a long established protocol that is open source and free. You can run your own server and use your own software. Real freedom is open source.

Burd IRC is an IRC client dedicated to bringing a modern look and features to IRC. When combined with IRCv3 support, who needs Discord? Nobody.

Project status


Back to basics

Matt Ryan  |  November 14, 2019

After getting a lot of feedback from IRC users I have decided to scrap the last idea and start over.

Instead of a discord-like GUI I'm going back to the old design I had, but I'm going to make it better.

A screenshot of the working GUI concept is below.


Burd IRC is open source and free to use, but development costs time and money. To add cool functionality to IRC we need a VPS server and a domain to run our APIs from.

I am not begging for your money. You do not have to donate anything. But if you have some spare cash and want to support a cool project then contributions can be made using the link below.

100% of these contributions go towards this project

(Thanks for your help! contributions are closed for now until more money is needed)