Posted by Matt, on Saturday 14th of April 2018 04:44:31 PM, in code

Remember when I said this project was dead? I really did mean that, and after I said this I switched to hexchat. But man is hexchat ugly... I just couldn't stand to use it. I missed my own client.

I did some testing with Electron and found that it's about 120mb of disk space, and uses about 80 to 100mb of memory. That's not great, but on the other hand the CPU usage was 0 most of the time.

Given these specs, and modern hardware, I don't think running my IRC client in Electron is a huge burden. In fact I think it's worth it -- to me at least.

The TL;DR is: I'm moving Burd IRC to Electron. I'm going to finish this project because I need it.

If you use Windows or Debian along with a DE then I'd like to have you as a beta tester. Send me an email if interested.