Posted by Matt, on Wednesday 22nd of May 2019 04:28:55 PM, in

BurdIRC is a failure. This project was created after Google decided to remove desktop app from Chrome, which is what my previous IRC client (byrd) used.

I asked many developer friends what direction I should go after Chrome apps where gone, many of them recommended using Electron, and I thought this was a great idea too -- but it proved to be the weak point in this project. Nobody wants to load a full browser stack to run an IRC client.

At this point in time the BurdIRC project, as it is known now, is officially abandoned.

I'm not sad about this, not one bit -- it has been a wonderful learning experience and we now have a lot of code we can port to a better project.

But BurdIRC is not dead!

Since people do not want an Electron irc client, then let's make one without it. BurdIRC is going to be converted to a web client that is run locally, like thelounge. This will allow us to port the client to whatever framework we please, even back to Electron we so choose.

I will also take this time to do major refactoring of the code, and attempt to implement as many IRCv3 features as I can.

Failure is just a part of the learning process. From the ashes of the old project will come only the positive.

Stay tuned.