Posted on Sep 9nd, 2017 at 1:06:20 PM EDT by Matt

Byrd IRC client is no longer being activly developed. I have since began work on a new client to replace it, which will be available soon.

The main reason for this is embarrassment really. I started the client back when I wasn't very proficient with JavaScript. The code base is old and ugly, and I want something I can make open source.

The client I'm currently working on, which will be called Burd (with a u) is an open source project that is being designed to be highly portable. This means it can be ported to other platforms like node.js.

I will leave Byrd on the Chrome Web Store, but I do not plan to add any new features. I will fix security issues so if you find any email them to me.

And of course here's a preview of whats to come:

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