Posted by Matt, on Thu, 24 May 2018 16:07:32 -0400, in thoughts

Freenode is currently the largest IRC network with over 90,000 users during peak hours. It hosts some of the most important projects to the FOSS community and has been around for 23 years.

Most staff members of freenode conduct themselves in a professional and courteous way, however sometimes the power of being staff can go to your head. This is the case for Matt S Trout (mst).

mst is known to be short-tempered and profane, and uses his Staff privileges to bully and harass people he disagrees with. It's not uncommon for mst to shout gems such as "fuck you" and "shut the fuck up."

Let's take the case of ## for example. ## was a channel that attempted to give the users the ability to moderate the channel themselves via voting for bans, topic changes and quiets. Of course with a system like this there's going to be some abuse, and in the case of ## the abuse was racism. People would often type racist phrases like "nigger" just to troll.

In response to the racism a bot was added to automatically ban users who used racist phrases. But that wasn't good enough for mst -- he wanted op access. He wanted complete control over the channel where the users where suppose to be in control. After he didn't get what we wanted he into a cussing rant and shut down the channel. Below is a log of the events. Here you can see mst saying things like "fuck off" and calling the channel an "epic fucking shitshow."

[16:36:58] <poutine> mst, I'm not seeing what the problem was
[16:37:00] <poutine> I was around
[16:37:23] <mst> you're not seeing the problem with having a user who keeps yelling 'shut the fuck up faggot' and 'shut the fuck up fag' at people?
[16:37:25] <poutine> we also have permbans
[16:37:34] <mst> and doing fuck all about it?
[16:37:42] * DetectiveTaco watches
[16:37:52] <poutine> that was in the last 10 minutes
[16:38:16] <mst> poutine: and again a few days ago
[16:38:18] <mst> poutine: and before that
[16:38:47] <Tefad> i think what they're saying is put f*g f*gg*t on the words list
[16:38:53] <mst> and the people yelling n*****r are getting a 10 min tempban and fuck all actually happening other than that
[16:38:59] <mst> Tefad: no, the words list can fuck off
[16:39:15] <poutine> mst, racism is at an all time low here in my opinion
[16:39:16] <mst> it's a bandaid for when there's no op available, but it doesn't substitute for actually opping the channel
[16:39:52] <Tefad> not everyone here has a highlight list of a bunch of 'offensive' words
[16:39:56] <mst> poutine: hokay. I was *hoping* you might show some actual sense of urgency rather than downplaying the extent to which, after us repeatedly asking you to do something about it, this place is still an epic fucking shitshow
[16:40:37] *** Joins: ChanServ ([email protected])
[16:40:37] *** services. sets mode: +o ChanServ
[16:40:37] *** dchudz was kicked by ChanServ (This channel has been closed)